~24ct Kashmir with Dravite Tourmaline & Mica

~24ct Kashmir with Dravite Tourmaline & Mica

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Old documents show the Kashmir mines produced stones above 1000 and 2000cts.  The larger stones are commonly clusters that cut smaller sizes rather than one large 500ct.   

The crystal above is a naturally 'tumbled' bipyramid with small twin.  The old mine specimen is speckled with fragments of black dravite tourmaline on the surface and flakes of mica; indicative of the Kashmir origin.  The rounded surface is from glacier tumbling and corrosion from a kaolin white powdery clay mix.

The stone is an open cornflower blue down the C-axis and could make a nice size cabochon.  The stone shows a rare light to moderate flourescence like many old mine stones.

This specimen's a well-rounded, aesthetically beautiful, and colorful story about the legend of Kashmir.  

Item# KB1496
Weight: ~24 ct
Shape: Bipyramid Twin
Dimensions (L x W x H) 21 x 15 x 10 (mm)
Cutting Style: Rough Uncut

Color: Pastel to Cornflower Blue
Saturation: Light to Medium 
Tone: Light  to Medium

Treatments: No Enhancements
Lab Report(s): Guarantee Kashmir Origin
Lab Report Remarks:

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