5ct Gemmy Kashmir Bipyramid

5ct Gemmy Kashmir Bipyramid

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A gemmy bipyramid Kashmir mineral specimen.   One termination has natural erosion with short choppy zones of color and kaolin clay.  The opposite side is a gemmy point with light silk, internally flawless and zones of medium dark blue color that could facet a 1ct+ stone.  

This sapphire is the ideal specimen to hold in your collection until you decide to facet or choose the option to thermally enhance a beautiful stone later.

Item# KB1006
Weight: 5.2 ct
Shape: Bipyramid 
Dimensions (L x W x H) 14 x 8 x 5.2 (mm)
Cutting Style: Rough Uncut

Color: Pastel to Vivid Blue
Saturation: Light to Medium
Tone: Light to Medium

Treatments: No treatments
Lab Report(s): Guarantee Kashmir Origin
Lab Report Remarks:

 Price:   $1900
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