Digital Media: Video & Images

Color is number one in the terms of value and important to us.

We do our best to match the physical gemstone with the computers’ gamut of 256 shades of red, blue and green.  We helped install the gem labaward book photography and video arrangement using the latest in mirrorless DSLR camera technology with macro lenses and digital image processing techniques so we control the process best possible. 

Our result is an very close representation of the genuine stone under controlled white light (5500K) or incandescent (3500) lighting conditions.  The colors are accurate and not enhanced.  They are not photoshopped or cut and digitally altered.  More often the inclusions will be more visible under "macro lense" magnification and with backlighting used in both video and photography and less visible in real person.  The gemstones clarity will appear even better in person and with the naked eye as compared to our magnifying lense.  We take pride in our digital media and in some cases offer additional images.

Note*  There maybe limitations outside of our control such as computer monitors or mobile phone displays if not color corrected.