0.59ct Rare Uraninite Inclusions

0.59ct Rare Uraninite Inclusions

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A Kashmir sapphire rough with rare uraninite inclusions.  The rough fragment has three uraninite crystal inclusions, broad zoning, kaolin, and bluish green colored tourmaline on the surface.   A classic study specimen.  These black inclusions are common to Kashmir.

The largest uraninite has tension halos as seen in the photomicrograph attached.  

We put a small face on one side for observation.

Item# KB1977
Weight: 0.59 ct
Shape: Irregular
Dimensions (L x W x H) 10.0  x 4.1 x 3.0  (mm)
Cutting Style: Partially Polished (1 side)

Color: Pastel Blue
Saturation: Light
Tone: Light

Treatments: No Enhancements
Lab Report(s): Guarantee, Kashmir origin
Lab Report Remarks: Rare Uraninites & tourmaline

 Price:   $300

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