2.5ct Fancy Shaped Kashmir Sapphire (H)

2.5ct Fancy Shaped Kashmir Sapphire (H)

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Our research began 15 years ago with the European heat specialist Ted Themelis. Today we control the process with a variety of high and low temperature furnaces.

The gemstone is a rich color with a 85-90% tone, medium to strong texture, and highly included.  The stones excellent for a heat reference sample or make jewelry.

Item# KB1000       
Weight: 2.5  ct
Shape: Fancy
Dimensions (L x W x H) 13.8 × 5.4 ×4.1 (mm)
Cutting Style: Faceted

Color: Deep Blue
Saturation: Intense 
Tone: Medium Dark to Dark

Treatments: Heat
Lab Report(s): Guaranteed with a few
Lab Report Remarks:

 Price:   $100

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