28ct Kashmir with Dravite Tourmaline

28ct Kashmir with Dravite Tourmaline

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Old documents show the Kashmir mines produced stones in the 1000 or 2000ct+ range.  The big stones are sometimes clusters.

This old mine specimen has a large black dravite tourmaline attached to the surface It's a unique feature to this origin.  The stone also has a small clean vivid blue facetable termination. 

I've seen old photographs but not many samples in the world.  This mineral specimen belongs in a historical collection.

Item# KB1445
Weight: 28 ct
Shape: Pyramid
Dimensions (L x W x H) 25 x 13 x 11 (mm)
Cutting Style: Rough Uncut

Color: Pastel to Vivid Blue
Saturation: Light to Medium Dark
Tone: Medium Light  to Dark

Treatments: No Enhancements
Lab Report(s): Guarantee Kashmir Origin
Lab Report Remarks:

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