21ct Kashmir "Dragon" by Ronald Stevens GRS & Lotus

21ct Kashmir "Dragon" by Ronald Stevens GRS & Lotus

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This "one of kind' dragon carving has a medium cornflower blue color with sections of crystal transparency and the open hole to hang, smile.

The ~50+ct rough was hand-carved by California craftsman Ronald Stevens.  

The 'artwork'  shares a colorful story.  The exotic land of Kashmir is rich in history and heritage.  A Kashmir sapphire carvings unique in the world of rare colored stones.  

Item# KB1293
Weight: 21 ct
Shape: Dragon
Dimensions (L x W x H) 21.9 × 17.4 × 10.4 (mm)
Cutting Style: Carved

Color: Blue
Saturation: Light-Medium-Intense
Tone: Medium Dark - Light

Treatments: No Enhancement
Lab Report(s): GRS, Lotus
Lab Report Remarks: Blue, Kashmir

 Price:   $30,000

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